Moment of Clarity (beccajuice) wrote,
Moment of Clarity


Watchin MTV rights bouts na. havent watched MTV ...or any tv in a good while. i'm fucking loving this show too!!!!!! it's that MADE program. this rich girly girl is learning BMX. it's hilarious. lol damn i wanna do that now tho. shit i already got the bike. haha imagine me tryin to do that. i would think i'd be a little betta tho. IT LOOKED LIKE SOOOOOO MUCH FUN WHEN SHE WAS JUMPING THAT RAMP AND INTO THE FOAM!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh i'm so jealous right now!!!!!! shit yo.

and her 7 friends r so pissed at her cuz she's 'changed' and her bf broke up with that sux but she didnt show any emotion about it so i guess she doesnt care. poor dood.

last nite i was talkin to al and i was gettin so pissed cuz we were playin chess and i dunno how to play that damn game. the freakin computer wouldnt let me move the pieces where i wanted them to go. it would take me forever to move. he was tryin to explain it to me but it's just not my cup o' tea. ...never again...nope. ahh shit i gots to email trudy....hold on
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yea i never got chess. i mean i can vaguely play it but i'll need to ask what pieces go where several times and i have no strategy whatsoever...

checkers, now there's a game! ;)
lol the only good thing is that i was playin it on the computer so i didnt have to ask...just trial and error lol ..actually i DID ask but it didnt help me AT ALL.

and who needs strategy???

Everyone has a different way of playing checkers. it messes me up. same with UNO. EVERYONE NEEDS TO PLAY THE i dont get confused. lol

ooh! UNO is a good game too! i forgot how to play it tho... ;)