Moment of Clarity (beccajuice) wrote,
Moment of Clarity

omg i'm so freakin tired. yet kinda relieved.

i just decided what i'm gonna do about the concert thing. lol no one knows WHAT THE HELL I'M TALKIN ABOUT. but that's fine. i dont need to get into it. i dont wanna. i have a headache but i'm really glad that Al isnt mad at me. lol i thought he was cuz he didnt answer for a while when i said hi to him nor did he talk to me when he first got on...but it was his mom who was online first. so whatever...good. now all is well me thinks. ...for now.

i'm really sleepy. dont have to work tomorrow so i can sleep in. not too much tho cuz i have to go to sleep around 6pm cuz i have my internship at 2am tuesday.

damn the antivirus update thingy just popped up again. maybe i'll let it do it's thang...but i have to buy a new renewal subscription. damnit. i'll tell my dad. he told me to just buy it cuz we have to do it either way. we go...
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