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R.I.P. were a cool dude.

so i've been looking at this livejournal thing. how can you post by phone? that's freakin weird. it's come a long way. omg i remember deadjournal today! it's so weird to read what i wrote. ooo and my deadjournal says that i have a ujournal! woa. but that website does not exist. ...i was so angry. my gawd. i'm so mellow now...well except when it comes to one something at work...........

EVERYONE WATCH ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!!!!! IT IS THE BESTEST SHOW EVER AND IT IS CANCELLED! DONT LET IT BE CANCELLED. I DONT KNOW WHAT AL OR I WILL DO! ...omg i just had someone prank call me. the dood's voice was very low and soft and after the 3rd time i said hello i heard him and i asked who this is cuz sometimes Al will play with me like that...but it wasnt his voice and the dood said, 'u know who this is.' and i was like....uhh and hung up. geez i dont like that. now i'm gonna be scared all nite. i need Al to get home from work. STOOPID PEOPLE SHOULD GO AWAY....AWAY!!!!!! jerks

A excerpt...cant spell....from my deadjournal...amusing..
ALSO.....these people came in today and wanted to use the kodak machine to make wallet sized pictures. well...about half their pictures happened to be professionally taken...which is illegal to copy. i told them this and showed them the paper they need to take to who took them so they would be allowed to copy them. but they didnt believe me...of course. i even showed them that it says..."KODAK PROFESSIONAL PHOTO" on the back..but they were like..."it's a kodak picture and this is a kodak machine so why wouldnt it work?" GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!JPGSAOTUJMNVCKIFUM;LWIEVUJIFTGUNYKTIG4JMPONFIVHU3 PVJMKL;3 NVTRHFOVKLGW;JU.HEKCJG\HNRK.FJVNQ/L\,SDJ
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHTED!!!! IT IS ILLEGAL TO COPY THINGS THAT ARE COPYRIGHTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WONT ANYONE COMPREHEND THIS SIMPLE SIMPLE FACT!!!!! but it ended up that they tried it anyway and it wouldnt print twice so i had to shut off the machine at like them restart it...and then have their pictures print again...and those photos did work...unfortunately..i think it was cuz not all of them were professional..but i dunno. i just hope that i dont get in trouble or fined for them doing that.

THEN!!!!..... these 2 people came in ..who spoke very little english and very much of spanish. that sucked cuz i know no spanish. so i was talking..or trying to talk to them for like 15 minutes...tryin to figure out what they were saying about photo processing. that sucked...cuz people that speak english barely understand the processing process..haha. but eventually we all understood each other and all was good.

ToDaY wAs BoRiNg. I aM bOrEd NoW. sO i'M tYpInG lIkE tHiS. I wAs StArInG aT tHe MiCrOwAvE eArLiEr AnD bEgAn WoNdErInG hOw LoNg I wOuLd HaVe To Be In ThErE bEfOrE i ExPlOdEd. I cOuLdN't CoMe Up WiTh A gOoD tImE. mY dAy Is ThErEfOrE iNcOmPlEtE.

I gOt A nEw HaIr PrOdUcT...iT's CaLlEd SpIkInG gLuE..hMmMmMm...i SuPpOsE iT sHaLl Be SlIgHtLy DiFfErEnT tHaN aCtUaL gLuE tHaT i HaVe UsEd MaNy-A-tImEs To GeT tHaT hElLa BiG sPiKeY lOoK.

Ok. Me DoNe FoR nOw. ThIs TyPiNg TaKeS tO lOnG fOr My TaStE.
Ta Ta.....

ahhh the good writing days lol
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