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I'M EFFIN COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm freezing...trying to cut back on the heat since the cost has gone up like 115%. ok maybe not THAT much. but still...i'm too lazy right now to go get the heater from our bedroom.

How's everyone? Everything's cool here...not much happenin. just chillin with Hunny. She's crazy random times she freaks out and runs upstairs. maybe she see's ghosts! That's what Al says but i choose not to believe him because ghosts freak me out too much. she's so cute tho...asks just like her mama. lol. yep.

Fucking septa is a pain in my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's unbelievable how much their stoopid strike is effecting everyone! Including me! I dont even use the damn bus!!!!!! Now i have to worry about whether or not my employees can get to work or get home. I will most likely have to give some of them rides home. At least we have 2 cars. it'd be fuckin unbelievably outragously difficult if we didnt.

so yeah that's it. i'm bored. i'm boring. i know.

oh oh oh!

we went to a Los Amigos show the other nite. it was fun. strange how white people try to dance latin. it was hilarious. Band was very good but i liked cafe tacvba betta. that show was the best one i EVER went to by far! omg i never saw a mosh pit that was so happy and the people were so friendly. i wanna go to more hispanic shows. oh and system of a down sucks.
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is hunny a kitty??? is she?? oohhhh - when did you get her???

tell me! tell me! tell me!!

i hope its a kitty...i love kitties.....

yes she is a kitty.

hey...add me on myspace....'cousin' lol woa...u sure u know what you're gettin into???
YAY! a kitty!

I added you on myspace..thanks.

i'm actually really excited to have this big family now. my family is pretty small, and this year - we lost three people in under 6 months. so expanding my family is wonderful.

i've been living with chris for more then 2 years now - i have some idea of what i'm getting myself into - i just hope you are all prepared for what you got yourself into! *smile* i can be a handfull!
sorry to hear about your losses.

hunny is 1 and a half years old. we got her from the SPCA...she came from a home where she was not treated very well. lol i think she would like some toys for christmas. she likes the toys that are attached to a string. we had one with a bat on it and she broke the string cuz she likes to chew on the string. she's so cute!

Deleted comment

ooo what phone number did you call? i dunno if i had the same cell phone or home phone. thank you for the happy birthday. everything is about yourself? where u livin now? and everything. it's been a long time but we should catch up on stuff. ......pirates attacked a cruise boat by somalia...isnt that weird....PIRATES! if they were as hott as johnny depp then i wouldnt complain.

But anyways...i'll talk to you later. i'm sleepy and need to take care of Al...he's coming home cuz he's sick :(

we'll talk later man