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i remember why i hated livejournal now. fucking shit i hate it.

i updated but it didnt update.

it's been a long time again. since september i have started a new job. the last one sucked. it didnt at first but it kept gettin worse. i wasnt bein appreciated or respected...well that was only from some certain people. everyone else there liked me...they listened to me and helped me and recognized that i was one of the hardest workers there. but i was tired of the secrets and lies and drama. i couldnt trust some people anymore,it was just too big of a headache and i was tired of everything. i wanted to get out for a while but was always too tired to leave.

since the new store manager came everything began to get worse. it wasnt really because of matter who it was ...the store was bound to fail. it's just too nuts. my last day was 2 saturdays ago and since then..that's exactly what's been happenin. i heard that security has not shown up cuz they havent gotten paid since march 15th. the week i left there were 3 other people who were fired. i was the only one who quit. they were fired for dumb reasons. 2 of them management have wanted to get rid of for months and they finally got to do it. 2 other people have gave their 2 weeks and one person tried to quit but she was talked into just taking a leave of absence. the assistant manager that i like will be gone for 6 weeks due to surgery. they betta hired some people fast. several people have called corporate on what is goin on in that store...and i plan on doin the same thing. the difference between me and the rest of them is that they were trouble makers and i'm not. i heard that the fact of me leaving has been kept quiet. we'll see what happens.

i'm so glad that i left tho. my new job pays more and i'm assistant manager. the store is smaller so i'm not runnin myself crazy like a chicken with my head cut off. u cannot imagine how much stuff i'd be doin at one time at the other store. i was seriously be running back and forth everywhere cuz i'd be the only once answering phones, receiving shipment, helping customers, and doin my list of shit. i was tired of it cuz no one ever helped me. i helped others even tho i know they didnt care to ever help me. guess i'm too nice. i liked having all of that responsibility but eventually the responsibilities i had were being taken away from me cuz i was told...u cannot open/close the store by yourself....yet i was allowed to be alone in the store when certain managers decided to take a long ass lunch break??? what the fuck man? i didnt get it. it's like he was afraid that i would succeed more than him cuz he knows that he's gettin away with murder there. dunno why i left a while could have saved me some stress.

i could write foreva and eva about this but i'm gonna save that for later.
so what else is up???? we got a new vehicle. a suzuki forenza wagon..very nice. me likey a lot. the hyundai got into an accident so it'll be gone soon. i didnt like that tho...i got the call at work and i didnt know what to think. i was so afraid if he was alright. makes me think now what it'd be like to get a call saying that a loved one has died. i dont know what i'd do. but i'm happy that he wasnt hurt at all.

i hate buses.

tomorrow i'm goin to the doctor. i'm excited cuz i'm gonna tell all of my problems lol me need allergy medicine...can't take it no more.

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