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We're leaving tomorrow for Illinois. I've never not wanted to go as much as I do this year. I dont wanna be there with my grandparents and having to deal with my grandfather's bullshit once again. That man is an ass but at least my parents and other people in my family are gonna help and give him shit if he decides to lecture me or yell at me. I have the feeling that he'll either not talk to me or just be really pissy towards me. On my wedding day my grandma called and the only thing my grandpa said to me in an angry tone was, "why didnt you wait until you were out of school." Then he hung up his end of the phone. Then my cousin Chris talked to both of them and he told him not to do what I did. Oh well I dont give a crap and everyone else tells me that I shouldnt.

But on the other hand I got to meet Chris's girlfriend, Sarah. She's super nice and we all had lots of fun after the reception. Sarah is coming to our family Christmas this year and I'm looking forward to it. The four of us have a lot in common that some things are kinda creepy. lol

I cant wait until this week and a half is over. The day after we get back my mom is going to the hospital for surgery on her neck. Sucks but must be done. Even though the doctor's say that it will be a simple operation...I cant wait till it's done and fine once again and she'll be able to return to work. My mom is looking forward to having about 2 months off of work and everything but I know she's gonna be in tremendous pain and I dont like that idea.

I dunno i'm gonna go now. byes byes
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
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