Moment of Clarity (beccajuice) wrote,
Moment of Clarity

so...this weekend Al stayed over and we worked on the song for my next video. we finished it last nite. lol it was kinda cool cuz he brought his bass, guitar, and the machine to create beats. i like it. really cool. now all he has to do is put everything together...i mean...put it on his computer for final touches and then put on a cd. Al's friend's roommate is gonna star in it...and Al or his friend Mike might be in a small part of it. We went looking for locations today and I think we found everyplace so now once the song is done then i'll give it to Des so he can practice and then we'll go film. Awesome. lol and i have another idea...well...i've had these 2 ideas for videos for some weeks now. I need to talk to my friend to see if she can get me final cut pro 4 for my computer so i can do all this shit at home instead of having to wait in the school's editing lab.

I was making us salads today and i cut my finger pretty bad. blood was gushing out of it. nasty. i had to change my bandaid cuz the blood like soaked it. it hurts still when it touches anything. lol even when i'm typing right now cuz it's near the tip of my left ring finger. damn those knives are sharp yo.
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