Moment of Clarity (beccajuice) wrote,
Moment of Clarity

I hate myself

I'm such a turd. i was wondering why for the past 2 weeks i've been having trouble with my body because of my pills...i look at the rest of my pack of pills and count the number that are left...that's when i realized that it's no wonder ..cuz i somehow didnt take them on 2 days and i didnt even fucking realize it.

THIS IS WHY I SHOULDNT BE TAKING PILLS!!!!!!!!! cuz i'm a fucking dumbass and FORGET EVERYTHING!
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about these tickets.. heh.. do you still have them? how much? where? when? i sound like such a nerd.. hah.. oh well, you love it
yeah i still have them. they're for the chili peppers' concert on september 12th...friday. at the tweeter center in camden, nj...philly...yeah. $90