Moment of Clarity (beccajuice) wrote,
Moment of Clarity

i'm soooooo fucking sleepy!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had that microsoft worm virus in my computer. everytime i got on the internet this little screen popped up and counted down from a certain amount of seconds until it shut down my computer...and i couldnt stop it. it was fucking pisses me off!!!! but my dad found instructions on how to get rid of it and install the patch. thank goodness because i kept calling a PC SAFETY phone number so they could help me ....but the phone was busy the bizillion times i called yesterday and when i called today. i'm glad that's all least that's what it seems like. lol ...but i wont take my firewall down for now. ...scared yo.

OH...AND!!!! i got an appointment with comcast to get my cable hooked up on sunday...sometime between 9am and 1pm. i'm gettin the digital cable for 3 months because it's $20 cheaper than basic cable. after 3 months i might switch...depends how much of a difference the price is...cuz i forget what she told me. soooooooooo the lady told me i'll be gettin like 200 stations. lol i was like...'excuse me what?' several movie stations too...she told me that those will be around station 160. lol i was like.....OK! we shall see. i think this is gonna get overwhelming.

today was my last day at my ABC27 internship. YAY! NO MORE WAKING UP AT 2:45AM!!!!!!!! fuck yeah. now...only 2 more days of working at K-mart until i move back to Philly. i cant wait!
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