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How did you get into my Laboratory?!?! [19 Nov 2005|12:15am]
[ mood | worried ]


monkey shines, monkey evil

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if your hungry [17 Nov 2005|10:57pm]
[ mood | sick ]

....a car...where the windshield wipers turn on themselves when they sense rain. ...amazing.

There's this brand of bunny slippers called 'it's happy bunny!' the package says, ' all your other slippers are dumb.' and one bunny slipper says 'good girls get a lot of presents for christmas.' The other bunny says, 'but bad girls get a lot of presents all year round.'

I don't get it


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Singing [16 Nov 2005|01:19am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

"I will hurt you all....nothing youuuuuu can do about it......I will hurt you all...nothing youuuuuu can do about it..............squirrely wrath......squirrely wrath....SQUIRRELY wrath.......you're all gonna die....you're all gonna die....squirrely wrath..........squirrely wrath"

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R.I.P. Eddie...you were a cool dude. [16 Nov 2005|12:03am]
[ mood | Paranoid ]

so i've been looking at this livejournal thing. how can you post by phone? that's freakin weird. it's come a long way. omg i remember deadjournal today! it's so weird to read what i wrote. ooo and my deadjournal says that i have a ujournal! woa. but that website does not exist. ...i was so angry. my gawd. i'm so mellow now...well except when it comes to one topic...work...or something at work...........

EVERYONE WATCH ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!!!!! IT IS THE BESTEST SHOW EVER AND IT IS CANCELLED! DONT LET IT BE CANCELLED. I DONT KNOW WHAT AL OR I WILL DO! ...omg i just had someone prank call me. the dood's voice was very low and soft and after the 3rd time i said hello i heard him and i asked who this is cuz sometimes Al will play with me like that...but it wasnt his voice and the dood said, 'u know who this is.' and i was like....uhh and hung up. geez i dont like that. now i'm gonna be scared all nite. i need Al to get home from work. STOOPID PEOPLE SHOULD GO AWAY....AWAY!!!!!! jerks

A excerpt...cant spell....from my deadjournal...amusing..
ALSO.....these people came in today and wanted to use the kodak machine to make wallet sized pictures. well...about half their pictures happened to be professionally taken...which is illegal to copy. i told them this and showed them the paper they need to take to who took them so they would be allowed to copy them. but they didnt believe me...of course. i even showed them that it says..."KODAK PROFESSIONAL PHOTO" on the back..but they were like..."it's a kodak picture and this is a kodak machine so why wouldnt it work?" GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!JPGSAOTUJMNVCKIFUM;LWIEVUJIFTGUNYKTIG4JMPONFIVHU3 PVJMKL;3 NVTRHFOVKLGW;JU.HEKCJG\HNRK.FJVNQ/L\,SDJ
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHTED!!!! IT IS ILLEGAL TO COPY THINGS THAT ARE COPYRIGHTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WONT ANYONE COMPREHEND THIS SIMPLE SIMPLE FACT!!!!! but it ended up that they tried it anyway and it wouldnt print twice so i had to shut off the machine at like 9:30...help them restart it...and then have their pictures print again...and those photos did work...unfortunately..i think it was cuz not all of them were professional..but i dunno. i just hope that i dont get in trouble or fined for them doing that.

THEN!!!!..... these 2 people came in ..who spoke very little english and very much of spanish. that sucked cuz i know no spanish. so i was talking..or trying to talk to them for like 15 minutes...tryin to figure out what they were saying about photo processing. that sucked...cuz people that speak english barely understand the processing process..haha. but eventually we all understood each other and all was good.

ToDaY wAs BoRiNg. I aM bOrEd NoW. sO i'M tYpInG lIkE tHiS. I wAs StArInG aT tHe MiCrOwAvE eArLiEr AnD bEgAn WoNdErInG hOw LoNg I wOuLd HaVe To Be In ThErE bEfOrE i ExPlOdEd. I cOuLdN't CoMe Up WiTh A gOoD tImE. mY dAy Is ThErEfOrE iNcOmPlEtE.

I gOt A nEw HaIr PrOdUcT...iT's CaLlEd SpIkInG gLuE..hMmMmMm...i SuPpOsE iT sHaLl Be SlIgHtLy DiFfErEnT tHaN aCtUaL gLuE tHaT i HaVe UsEd MaNy-A-tImEs To GeT tHaT hElLa BiG sPiKeY lOoK.

Ok. Me DoNe FoR nOw. ThIs TyPiNg TaKeS tO lOnG fOr My TaStE.
Ta Ta.....

ahhh the good writing days lol

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Penis Farm [12 Nov 2005|10:06pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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I'M EFFIN COLD!!!!!!!!!!!! [02 Nov 2005|11:44pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm freezing...trying to cut back on the heat since the cost has gone up like 115%. ok maybe not THAT much. but still...i'm too lazy right now to go get the heater from our bedroom.

How's everyone? Everything's cool here...not much happenin. just chillin with Hunny. She's crazy man...at random times she freaks out and runs upstairs. maybe she see's ghosts! That's what Al says but i choose not to believe him because ghosts freak me out too much. she's so cute tho...asks just like her mama. lol. yep.

Fucking septa is a pain in my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's unbelievable how much their stoopid strike is effecting everyone! Including me! I dont even use the damn bus!!!!!! Now i have to worry about whether or not my employees can get to work or get home. I will most likely have to give some of them rides home. At least we have 2 cars. it'd be fuckin unbelievably outragously difficult if we didnt.

so yeah that's it. i'm bored. i'm boring. i know.

oh oh oh!

we went to a Los Amigos show the other nite. it was fun. strange how white people try to dance latin. it was hilarious. Band was very good but i liked cafe tacvba betta. that show was the best one i EVER went to by far! omg i never saw a mosh pit that was so happy and the people were so friendly. i wanna go to more hispanic shows. oh and system of a down sucks.

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booterflies [17 May 2005|01:05am]
i remember why i hated livejournal now. fucking shit i hate it.

i updated but it didnt update.

it's been a long time again. since september i have started a new job. the last one sucked. it didnt at first but it kept gettin worse. i wasnt bein appreciated or respected...well that was only from some certain people. everyone else there liked me...they listened to me and helped me and recognized that i was one of the hardest workers there. but i was tired of the secrets and lies and drama. i couldnt trust some people anymore,it was just too big of a headache and i was tired of everything. i wanted to get out for a while but was always too tired to leave.

since the new store manager came everything began to get worse. it wasnt really because of her...no matter who it was ...the store was bound to fail. it's just too nuts. my last day was 2 saturdays ago and since then..that's exactly what's been happenin. i heard that security has not shown up cuz they havent gotten paid since march 15th. the week i left there were 3 other people who were fired. i was the only one who quit. they were fired for dumb reasons. 2 of them management have wanted to get rid of for months and they finally got to do it. 2 other people have gave their 2 weeks and one person tried to quit but she was talked into just taking a leave of absence. the assistant manager that i like will be gone for 6 weeks due to surgery. they betta hired some people fast. several people have called corporate on what is goin on in that store...and i plan on doin the same thing. the difference between me and the rest of them is that they were trouble makers and i'm not. i heard that the fact of me leaving has been kept quiet. we'll see what happens.

i'm so glad that i left tho. my new job pays more and i'm assistant manager. the store is smaller so i'm not runnin myself crazy like a chicken with my head cut off. u cannot imagine how much stuff i'd be doin at one time at the other store. i was seriously be running back and forth everywhere cuz i'd be the only once answering phones, receiving shipment, helping customers, and doin my list of shit. i was tired of it cuz no one ever helped me. i helped others even tho i know they didnt care to ever help me. guess i'm too nice. i liked having all of that responsibility but eventually the responsibilities i had were being taken away from me cuz i was told...u cannot open/close the store by yourself....yet i was allowed to be alone in the store when certain managers decided to take a long ass lunch break??? what the fuck man? i didnt get it. it's like he was afraid that i would succeed more than him cuz he knows that he's gettin away with murder there. dunno why i left a while ago...it could have saved me some stress.

i could write foreva and eva about this but i'm gonna save that for later.
so what else is up???? we got a new vehicle. a suzuki forenza wagon..very nice. me likey a lot. the hyundai got into an accident so it'll be gone soon. i didnt like that tho...i got the call at work and i didnt know what to think. i was so afraid if he was alright. makes me think now what it'd be like to get a call saying that a loved one has died. i dont know what i'd do. but i'm happy that he wasnt hurt at all.

i hate buses.

tomorrow i'm goin to the doctor. i'm excited cuz i'm gonna tell all of my problems lol me need allergy medicine...can't take it no more.


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in other news.the ghetto kids stole my rear windshield wiper. why? they dont drive y they need it? [25 Sep 2004|07:33pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

It has been a looooooooooooong ass time hasn't it? Yes. I have tried to update but everytime i get to this page, i don't feel like it anymore. But i'm going to say something today cuz there's something that's bothering me. It has to do with where i work. Now, i was promoted to a manager position about 4 or 5 weeks ago. i really like it. i'm doing a lot more work. there's more responsibility and it not only makes the day go by faster, it also gives me a feeling of importance. people have given me more respect and chances to prove what i can handle. However, there are of course rumors going around...like usual. this place is THE most dramatic place i have EVER been to. i still feel like i am kind of neutral because i still hear stuff from everyone.

hmmm i forgot what i wanted to say...lemme start by explaining that there were 2 people being trained for the 2 open management positions: michael and laura. Denise surprised everyone by promoting michael and I one day. when susanna got back from vacation she got in trouble with denise cuz of something that happened the week before susanna went on vacation (this week that the incident happened denise was on vacation and michael told her what happened). so susanna was fired. laura quit cuz she was upset that she didnt get to become a manager after she went through some of the training. but i know laura quit also cuz she was completely loyal to susanna. they were best friends. and denise wanted to get rid of her anyway cuz laura has NO loyalty to denise (she's the district manager by the way). before laura quit she congratulated me for getting the position and told me that i deserve it and that michael doesnt. she never talked to him after this happened. but then when susanna and laura were gone, they talked to denise and told her that they both think that it was fair to promote michael but not me. THIS IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT THEY TOLD ME. laura acted all like my friend and told me that i can call anytime and yesterday when she came to pick up her check she hugged me and said that she misses me. i fucking hate that. i wanted to say something to her but i thought that it wont do any good.

now today i talked to michael and he told me that the other manager kim...who i trust and i like...he told me that kim told denise that she doesn't think that michael and i will work out. that pisses me off BIG TIME cuz why the hell wont we work out bitch!!! the district manager is training us to do things the right way. kim does a lot of things wrong and she's in deep shit with denise recently for things...all of which i know how to do the right way cuz i was taught and i am learning from her mistakes. i think i could do a much better job than her. i am not lazy, i do things when they should be done, i take responsibility for what i need to do...not put it on other people so i can relax and do nothing but chill. now, i realize that ...yes michael could be making up shit. but i dont care. i am taking everything i am hearing from everyone and forming my own option on stuff. denise told me today that kim is trying to use me. denise said that i deserve to go home early cuz i've been working so hard and kim just wants me to stay there and do the things that she is supposed to be doing.

overall...i dont care what they say. i dont trust anyone...except for some odd reason i trust denise and michael. they could be playin me too. but i dont care. all that matters is that denise saw potential in me and i don't want to disappoint her. i believe that i have done a very good job so far. i mean...michael and laura were being trained since the beginning of the summer to become managers...and i learned in 2 or 3 weeks. i got a crash course and tomorrow morning i am opening all by myself. i'm excited about it.

it just pisses me off that i have to hear how people talk behind my back. denise told me that kim is trying to blame this person's missing bag on me cuz i was the one who cleaned and MUST have saw it cuz who else would have moved it. well it wasn't fucking there and why the hell would i throw it away??? i'm not stoopid enough to do that when it has stuff in it. ...no..i would look through it and see if there's anything good. lol nah i wouldnt do that either...but damn sometimes i think they think i'm dum. i realize that kim tries to use me, that what i am told by everyone could not be the truth. i'm tired of it though. i'm looking forward to the meeting we're going to have next week when denise gets back from north carolina. i'm going to say some stuff cuz i'm just tired of keeping it in. and i want to tell them that no...i don't always do what they tell me to do. they think that i do some things cuz kim tells me to...but they dont notice that recently all i do is say 'yeah ok' to their requests. i do what i want. i know what has to be done. i'm not gonna just stand there and watch over something cuz they tell me to. i'll wonder and go and do what i think i need to do. ... lol which is why kim yells at me sometimes like today...lol 'i told you to go over there so michael has to do this' lol i just told her why? i can do more than one thing at once. i can get stuff done faster than most of them anyways. why does it matter who does what as long as it gets done.

hmmm i dunno i'm just tired of everything being all secretive-like. i want things out in the open so i can fucking talk about it...instead of worrying that i might say too much to a person because i dont want it to get out. just let everything out fuckers.

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[22 Dec 2003|08:32pm]
[ mood | loved ]

We're leaving tomorrow for Illinois. I've never not wanted to go as much as I do this year. I dont wanna be there with my grandparents and having to deal with my grandfather's bullshit once again. That man is an ass but at least my parents and other people in my family are gonna help and give him shit if he decides to lecture me or yell at me. I have the feeling that he'll either not talk to me or just be really pissy towards me. On my wedding day my grandma called and the only thing my grandpa said to me in an angry tone was, "why didnt you wait until you were out of school." Then he hung up his end of the phone. Then my cousin Chris talked to both of them and he told him not to do what I did. Oh well I dont give a crap and everyone else tells me that I shouldnt.

But on the other hand I got to meet Chris's girlfriend, Sarah. She's super nice and we all had lots of fun after the reception. Sarah is coming to our family Christmas this year and I'm looking forward to it. The four of us have a lot in common that some things are kinda creepy. lol

I cant wait until this week and a half is over. The day after we get back my mom is going to the hospital for surgery on her neck. Sucks but must be done. Even though the doctor's say that it will be a simple operation...I cant wait till it's done and fine once again and she'll be able to return to work. My mom is looking forward to having about 2 months off of work and everything but I know she's gonna be in tremendous pain and I dont like that idea.

I dunno i'm gonna go now. byes byes
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

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[22 Nov 2003|08:10pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i'm very sad to hear about the successful suicide of Jonathan Brandis last week.


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[19 Sep 2003|10:40am]
Yesterday i went to pick up my pictures and on the way home when the storm was still just wind i almost ran into a tree that fell down on my side of the road on Girard st. it was too dark to notice that there was a tree in the street so i had to slam on my brakes at the last minute. lol and then last nite i heard something hit my window. it turned out to be a huge branch which fell off the tree next to that window. good thing i have those bars on the outside of my windows. and damn dood i was so tired i feel asleep like so early. i think pretty close of when smackdown ended. and apparently someone called me cuz there was a message on my answering machine...didnt say anything. i just heard some kinda beep. but i totally did not hear my phone ring last nite. maybe the power went out or something i dunno.

k well i'm gonna try to go back to sleepy and then i have way too much homework shit to do. stoopid teachers.

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[13 Sep 2003|01:49pm]
I got the new From Autumn to Ashes cd...very most excellent

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[10 Sep 2003|12:08am]


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[ mood | pissed off ]

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[25 Aug 2003|11:44pm]
Tomorrow i think i'm gonna be meeting Al's sister. She says she wants to meet me. that'll be fun. hehe

i'm typing without a bandaid and it hurts. lol but my finger looks like a prune so i should leave it off for a little while at least. that and my wound needs to breathe.

but i'm gonna stop typing right now cuz it fucking hurts. ...later

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[25 Aug 2003|01:09am]
so...this weekend Al stayed over and we worked on the song for my next video. we finished it last nite. lol it was kinda cool cuz he brought his bass, guitar, and the machine to create beats. i like it. really cool. now all he has to do is put everything together...i mean...put it on his computer for final touches and then put on a cd. Al's friend's roommate is gonna star in it...and Al or his friend Mike might be in a small part of it. We went looking for locations today and I think we found everyplace so now once the song is done then i'll give it to Des so he can practice and then we'll go film. Awesome. lol and i have another idea...well...i've had these 2 ideas for videos for some weeks now. I need to talk to my friend to see if she can get me final cut pro 4 for my computer so i can do all this shit at home instead of having to wait in the school's editing lab.

I was making us salads today and i cut my finger pretty bad. blood was gushing out of it. nasty. i had to change my bandaid cuz the blood like soaked it. it hurts still when it touches anything. lol even when i'm typing right now cuz it's near the tip of my left ring finger. damn those knives are sharp yo.

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yep [20 Aug 2003|10:09pm]
This site is certified 31% EVIL by the Gematriculator

This site is certified 31% EVIL by the Gematriculator


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I hate myself [15 Aug 2003|02:35pm]
I'm such a turd. i was wondering why for the past 2 weeks i've been having trouble with my body because of my pills...i look at the rest of my pack of pills and count the number that are left...that's when i realized that it's no wonder ..cuz i somehow didnt take them on 2 days and i didnt even fucking realize it.

THIS IS WHY I SHOULDNT BE TAKING PILLS!!!!!!!!! cuz i'm a fucking dumbass and FORGET EVERYTHING!

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i'm soooooo fucking sleepy!!!!!!!!!!!! [13 Aug 2003|09:37pm]
I had that microsoft worm virus in my computer. everytime i got on the internet this little screen popped up and counted down from a certain amount of seconds until it shut down my computer...and i couldnt stop it. it was fucking pisses me off!!!! but my dad found instructions on how to get rid of it and install the patch. thank goodness because i kept calling a PC SAFETY phone number so they could help me ....but the phone was busy the bizillion times i called yesterday and when i called today. i'm glad that's all over...at least that's what it seems like. lol ...but i wont take my firewall down for now. ...scared yo.

OH...AND!!!! i got an appointment with comcast to get my cable hooked up on sunday...sometime between 9am and 1pm. i'm gettin the digital cable for 3 months because it's $20 cheaper than basic cable. after 3 months i might switch...depends how much of a difference the price is...cuz i forget what she told me. soooooooooo the lady told me i'll be gettin like 200 stations. lol i was like...'excuse me what?' several movie stations too...she told me that those will be around station 160. lol i was like.....OK! we shall see. i think this is gonna get overwhelming.

today was my last day at my ABC27 internship. YAY! NO MORE WAKING UP AT 2:45AM!!!!!!!! fuck yeah. now...only 2 more days of working at K-mart until i move back to Philly. i cant wait!

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[13 Aug 2003|09:31pm]
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[12 Aug 2003|03:34pm]

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[09 Aug 2003|08:20pm]
ok...so i'm still tryin to sell those red hot chili peppers tickets...i just got them in the mail today....ONLY 90 DOLLA!!!!!!

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[06 Aug 2003|10:00pm]
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'to ensure your "prev-asee" i will not look' [06 Aug 2003|08:26pm]
I'm goin to philly tomorrow after work cuz the warped tour is friday at the tweeter center. i cant wait yo. so i'll update when i get back. right now i have to pack stuff i'm takin to my apartment and go to sleepy.

...oh yeah. today was my Trudy day. we went to the mall and out to eat then sat around and talked about stuff. i had a great time. Trudy is awesome. hehe

k so later everyone...have fantastical days and what not.

toodles noodles.

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Money has cocaine in it [04 Aug 2003|03:23pm]
Avril was just talking on that MTV myth show. she's not pretty and she sounds like a bitch.

just thought i'd let everyone know this

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[04 Aug 2003|03:18pm]
::sings:: I know i can (i know i can) be what i wanna be (be what i wanna be) and if i work hard at it (and if i work hard at it) i'll be all i wanna be

I HATE THAT STOOPID SONG AND NOW IT'S ON A COMMERCIAL!!!!????? DAMN ...krystal used to play that song in our dorm room like every couple of mins. one day i remember she kept playin it over and over and over and over..... again. damn i'm so glad i dont have to room with her anymore. lol wonder if i'll see her on campus this comin school year. that'll be fun. knowing me tho i prolly wont be payin any attention. cuz when i'm walkin i'm concentrating on walking. i dont pay attention if i'm alone. lol i need to pay attention where i'm walkin cuz i dont wanna fall. damn i sound like a dumbass. i'm gonna go now byes byes

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Watchin MTV rights bouts na. havent watched MTV ...or any tv in a good while. i'm fucking loving this show too!!!!!! it's that MADE program. this rich girly girl is learning BMX. it's hilarious. lol damn i wanna do that now tho. shit i already got the bike. haha imagine me tryin to do that. i would think i'd be a little betta tho. IT LOOKED LIKE SOOOOOO MUCH FUN WHEN SHE WAS JUMPING THAT RAMP AND INTO THE FOAM!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh i'm so jealous right now!!!!!! shit yo.

and her 7 friends r so pissed at her cuz she's 'changed' and her bf broke up with her...now that sux but she didnt show any emotion about it so i guess she doesnt care. poor dood.

last nite i was talkin to al and i was gettin so pissed cuz we were playin chess and i dunno how to play that damn game. the freakin computer wouldnt let me move the pieces where i wanted them to go. it would take me forever to move. he was tryin to explain it to me but it's just not my cup o' tea. ...never again...nope. ahh shit i gots to email trudy....hold on

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[03 Aug 2003|10:48pm]
omg i'm so freakin tired. yet kinda relieved.

i just decided what i'm gonna do about the concert thing. lol no one knows WHAT THE HELL I'M TALKIN ABOUT. but that's fine. i dont need to get into it. i dont wanna. i have a headache but i'm really glad that Al isnt mad at me. lol i thought he was cuz he didnt answer for a while when i said hi to him nor did he talk to me when he first got on...but it was his mom who was online first. so whatever...good. now all is well me thinks. ...for now.

i'm really sleepy. dont have to work tomorrow so i can sleep in. not too much tho cuz i have to go to sleep around 6pm cuz i have my internship at 2am tuesday.

damn the antivirus update thingy just popped up again. maybe i'll let it do it's thang...but i have to buy a new renewal subscription. damnit. i'll tell my dad. he told me to just buy it cuz we have to do it either way.

k...here we go...

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[03 Aug 2003|06:56pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Right now i'm goin around trying to find someone who will purchase these 2 chili peppers tickets i bought from ticketmaster yesterday. damn i really hope i find someone. if not then i might have to try on ebay. fuck.

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[02 Aug 2003|11:05pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]


DAMNIT COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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